Pokemon Go to Launch New Mythical Pokemon Research Quest

Donna Miller
August 19, 2018

For Pokémon Go players who were able to attend this year's Safari Zone event in Germany a few weeks back, there was a special series of tasks which could be completed to catch Celebi, Pokémon Gen 2's special legendary fairy.

As seen in the tweet below from the prolific Pokemon GO dataminer known simply as "Chrales", a particular game file updated in the title reads "badge_pokedex_entries_gen4_title: "Sinnoh", indicating that Gen 4 favorites like the Water-type Piplup, Grass-type Turtwig, Fire-type Chimcha, and much more could be added soon".

So go ahead and grab Pokémon GO on Google Play right now in anticipation of Celebi launching August 20. The steps to encounter that Pokemon were broken up into eight chapters, each containing three Special Research challenges.

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For players who caught Celebi at the Safari Zone event, the special quest will not reward you with an additional Celebi, but instead give you a lot of candy with which to power it up.

If you haven't caught Mew yet, it seems you'll have to work through your current research up to the third set of tasks before obtaining the new quests. As with the now available Special Research quest related to Mew, players will be challenged to complete certain tasks ranging from collecting certain type of Pokemon and hitting certain types of throws.

Plus, Field Research relating to Pokémon discovered in the Johto region will be available throughout this "special time", according to Niantic - though we don't know specifically how long this will be just yet.

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