Scallop row: United Kingdom and French talks to take place next week

Christopher Davidson
September 2, 2018

The showdown on Tuesday marked an escalation of what have become known as the "Scallop Wars".

The two sides are at odds over who can fish in the waters and when - an issue they have fought over for well over a decade. French fishermen are limited to the laws of the country and unable to catch scallops only in the period from 1 October to 15 may. But the British are not subject to the same rules.

Talks aimed at resolving the row over scallop fishing rights in the English Channel will take place next week in London, the Scottish White Fish Producers Association (SWFPA) has said.

Tensions between French and British fishermen boiled over off the north coast of Normandy recently resulting in opposing vessels throwing rocks and flares at each other, while boats collided during angry confrontations.

The government said it had contacted officials in France about the matter, adding that the vessels were "legally entitled" to fish in the area. The French negate television community France three said it seemed smoke bombs had been thrown."There had been some barely solid clashes", Lt. Ingrid Parrot, the spokeswoman for the French regional maritime authority, said by phone on Wednesday."This more or much less match is amazingly hazardous at sea", she said, including that the authorities would remain vigilant for signs of flare-united states of americaBritain's National Federation of Fishermen's Organizations said it had asked the Royal Navy for security, for the reason that vessels had been working within the waters legally.Michael Gove, the British atmosphere secretary, said in an emailed assertion on Wednesday afternoon: "My coronary heart goes out to the British fishermen who had been caught up within the disgusting scenes that we noticed happen earlier this week".

"At about 2 a.m. we were were surrounded".

The conflict came about because of a sensible French law created to prevent the dredging of scallops in the Bay of Seine during summer months. It was like a battle on the high seas. "It was insane", he said in a Wednesday telephone interview from his boat, which was still at sea, but floating closer to England than France.

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It's the latest incident in a long-running dispute over a scallop-rich area of the coast of France that French fishermen are prevented from harvesting due to local domestic environmental laws. But this year that deal broke down.

If ever they were to come back into our waters, then we will do the same again, but this time with larger numbers.

Dimitry Rogoff, head of the regional fisheries committee in Normandy, France, told The Guardian newspaper, "For the Brits, it's an open bar - they fish when they want, where they want and as much as they want".

BEARDSLEY: Dale Rodmell is with Britain's National Federation of Fishermen's Organizations. But it's usually without the violence that was captured by a French TV crew. "We have disputes from time to time".

Sheryll Murray, a British Conservative Party lawmaker, tweeted: "This is disgraceful treatment of British vessels who were doing nothing but trying to earn a living". And they're close to each other. But no agreement was reached this year and British ships continued fishing.

"Norman fishermen recognise the historic rights of the British over areas just as French fishermen have historic rights in British waters".

"Usually the big boats aren't allowed there until November 1st, which gives all of us small boats a chance". He says he expects that French and British fishermen will sit down to work things out in the coming days on land.

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