Pat McFadden: Chequers Brexit plan is dead in the water

Christopher Davidson
September 5, 2018

Downing Street has uncovered a secret plot by Theresa May's former election guru to oust the prime minister and replace her with Boris Johnson.

Mr Roache said GMB members in manufacturing, ports, chemicals, energy, retail and public services were facing uncertainty and a Government more preoccupied with "internal divisions" than working people's livelihoods.

The people whov oted for Norway-style or Switzerland-style, the people who believed the likes of Daniel Hannan when they said "Only a madman is talking about leaving the single market", the people who believed the likes of Owen Patterson and all the other charlatans when they queued up to say that we'd be able to leave the European Union without suffering economically in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

A senior official at the Brexit ministry said he was confident that plans were in place for the possibility of a no-deal exit.

He added: "We're confident our proposals respect the key and core European Union principles, but also resolve all of the issues we need to see resolved around frictionless trade at the border and, critically, in terms of our future relationship, avoiding any need to recourse to the Irish backstop".

Speaking at a conference later in the day UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid backed the PM against his former cabinet colleague Mr Johnson.

In a report, it said a "chaotic Brexit" would mean "the disappearance without replacement of numerous rules underpinning the U.K.'s economic and regulatory structure" would disrupt everything from agriculture to financial services to aviation. The embassy posted on their Facebook page yesterday to say they are aware of people's concerns over this, however Connexion has asked if they can confirm they are in active discussions with the French on the plans for British expatriates and if clarifications will come soon.

A deal on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union is "within reach" and will hopefully be announced by the European Council summit on 18 October, UK Brexit secretary Dominic Raab said on Friday (31 August).

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He wrote: "The fix is in".

The ex-foreign secretary added: "The reality is that the European Union has so far taken every important trick".

"The UK has agreed to hand over £40 billion of taxpayers' money for two-thirds of diddly squat", he said.

Mr Johnson accused "some members" of the Government of deliberately using the Irish border question to "stop a proper Brexit" and effectively keep Britain in the EU.

Stephen Gethins MP, SNP Europe spokesman at Westminster, said: "As the deeply damaging consequences of a "no deal" Brexit become clearer, as Scotland's economy continues to outperform the United Kingdom and as people grow increasingly concerned about the future under Westminster rule, support for Scotland's ability to take its own decisions in an independent country will only grow further".

Mr Johnson's intervention won the backing of leading Tory Brexiteers Steve Baker, who described it as "superb" and Owen Patterson, who said it offered a clear articulation of the "myths" surrounding the Irish border.

One potential plan is to revive the campaign group Change Britain, which some see as a possible platform for Mr Johnson's leadership campaign.

The EU parliament also wants to vote only after Britain's parliament, to avoid endorsing a deal that may then get struck down in London. "She is a serious prime minister and she is putting forward serious proposals".

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