The Predator director Shane Black takes 'full responsibility' for painful, controversial casting

Lewis Collier
September 14, 2018

Olivia Munn praised Paige Carnes, the former Jane Doe who spoke out today about her victimization as a 14-year-old by actor Steven Wilder Striegel.

"I'm not allowed to just treat this like we're kids in college and putting friends in movies because this is big leagues, and I felt like I had let people down and caused pain to the cast and that is not acceptable". The girl, who was age 14 at the time of the incident and known only as "Jane Doe", contacted the Los Angeles Times to reclaim her identity.

After the Hollywood Reporter interview was published, Munn's Predator costar Sterling K. Brown gave a statement supporting her on Twitter, and Keegan-Michael Key's representative gave a statement to the Hollywood Reporter saying Key had reached out to Munn privately to support her the week before. "To be acknowledged by a stranger, on a public platform about this issue is incredibly empowering". Between Black's earlier defensive comments, Fox's chastising of Munn for alerting her costars to the casting news, and said costars pulling out of their press obligations, the story has continued to get press coverage.

'That's unacceptable, I take full responsibility.

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'I made an error in judgement that is irresponsible, ' he told AP.

Director Shane Black became visibly emotional as he publicly apologized to Olivia Munn over The Predator controversy at the film's premiere on Wednesday. He continued saying that it doesn't matter that Striegel misrepresented himself and his crimes because it was the director's job "to make sure these things don't happen". And I failed. And I may have, I did cause pain to people in the cast. "I am very deeply sorry ... because it really bothers me that this movie that could have been these lovely people on a handsome night but for only this, has been overshadowed in some ways by a stupid decision I made". I think about this a lot, I hope I learn from this. I hope I learned from this, because it really bothers me that this movie, which could have been these handsome people on a attractive night with only this, has been overshadowed in some ways by a stupid decision that I made.

Sexual abuse makes people uncomfortable. This discomfort is nothing compared to the psychological and physical suffering of those who have dealt with it. Her name is Paige Carnes, and she is now 24 years old. The consequences of this abuse are profound and permanent for some. You lose trust in everyone around you, and mainly yourself. With support from others and strength from within, you can overcome the label of victim and reclaim your identity. Sometimes all it takes is one person speaking up for you, acknowledging your worth as a human being. "My Father has supported me in my healing and growth in ways I can not thank him enough for", Carnes says.

For "The Predator", Striegel had a three-page scene alongside Olivia Munn, playing a jogger who hits on her repeatedly. "The people who keep turning blind eyes". "Without the support from online, I would have just still been one voice".

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