Apple iPhone XS, XS Plus Launch date confirmed!

Donna Miller
September 14, 2018

However, Apple is expected to face some delays with the launch of the iPhone XR as minor complications fitting backlights on the LCD screen have arisen.

It also says the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus will become available on September 21, followed by the iPhone XC a month later - starting at 7,388 yuan (US$1,076), 8,388 yuan (US$1,220) and 5888 yuan (US$857) respectively.

As per the opinion of the experts and Apple analysts, the iPhone XS may include a 10% to 20% larger battery and so, you can expect longer battery life. What's more, the success Apple saw with last year's iPhone X suggests the company won't be tweaking its pricing matrix anytime soon.

Following last year's major update to the design of the iPhone in the shape of the iPhone X, as many as three new devices with the same bezel-less front that was introduced last year could be unveiled.

Two of them - the smallest and biggest - will have OLED screens; OLED screens have been in smartphones for some years now, though Apple only made a decision to use it for the first time last year on the iPhone X. Previously, Apple used the "C" suffix to bring out the iPhone 5C as a low-priced model alongside the iPhone 5S. This will only be possible on Wednesday when Apple will present the new products at the Steve Jobs Theater on their own campus.

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We've also seen speculative reports claiming that the 6.1-inch iPhone will introduce a new "Cover Glass Sensor" that will see the device's touch module moved from the display panel right up to the surface of the glass.

The company is forecast to sell 220 million iPhones in 2018, which is flat compared to a year ago, but Apple has successfully raised unit prices without consumer backlash.

Finally, there have also been reports of a new, cheaper iPhone, created to replace the current iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as the entry-level Apple smartphone. The pre-order will probably begin in the USA on September 14 at midnight.

Before Apple introduces the new iPhone generation on Wednesday, there are still many uncertainties about the name of the iPhone X successors despite numerous leaks. Last year, Tim Cook and Co entered unchartered territory when the decade-anniversary iPhone X was priced at $999 (64GB) and $1,149 (256GB), the first time a mainstream device topped the 4-digit dollar mark. Business Insider details this here, showing that the iPhone 8 is highest in Brazil at $1,377 (Dh5,058). Some models, however, may come with 3GB of RAM, especially the budget model.

The new iPhones are also expected to come with a dual SIM card slot. After all, the larger choice of colors is only a rumor so far and with the red version, Apple would probably take the opportunity to offer the model later as part of the "Product RED" initiative. As for other features, both the Xs and Xs Max will have a gold color option, as evidenced from the leaked marketing photo below.

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