How to watch Apple's 2018 iPhone keynote announcement - Stream, schedule, info

Donna Miller
September 14, 2018

Although Apple's iPhone sales are largely flat, the iPhone X has been hugely popular despite the large price tag.

It actually pays off to fly from Budapest, Hungary to Newark, New Jersey (I found a * a href="*EWR.BUD.2018-10-16;c:HRK;e:1;sd:1;t:f" target="_blank" *flight for $429) just to buy an iPhone XS Max, and you'll still have leftover money for snacks and activities (the calculation does not include import duty and related fees, but you'd be in the green if you counted them in).

The XS Max, the largest iPhone to date and one of the biggest on the market, has a 6.5-inch (16.5-cm) screen, and will start selling at $1,099.

"I think Apple did extremely well here", GlobalData analyst Avi Greengart said after checking out the new offerings at the unveiling at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California. It's a very good, very saturated, very deep LCD.

Apple aficionados in the Middle East will not have long to wait before they get their hands on what the company are calling the "most attractive and advanced" iPhones. Both versions feature secure facial recognition technology that only displays notifications to the phone's owner and run with speeds nine times faster than previous models due to a new A12 Bionic chip, capable of machine learning and processing five trillion operations per second. Early adopters might want to acquire it for bragging rights, but this year Apple's phone story is mostly about speeding up and optimizing what's already under the hood, rather than rolling out new goodies-so unless you opt for the bigger screen, you probably will soon forget you even upgraded at all. Thanks to its neural engine and ISP that's identical to the iPhone XS, the performance is still excellentl. As 9to5Mac notes, the only place where Apple had even mentioned AirPower was on the iPhone X product page, which has since been removed to make way for the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr.

Finally, a 6.1 inch iPhone Xr is expected, and this is slated to be the go-to model.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 features sensors that can detect when wearers suffer a heavy fall as well as alert them if it clocks abnormal heart rates. It will be available for pre-order starting Friday and ship Friday September 21.

Check out the official iPhone XS, XS Max and XR promo videos
Users had to either shell out for the new lightning compatible headphones, a pair of wireless headphones, or use the dongle. Driving the point home even further, Apple has chose to stop including the Lightning-to-jack dongle with its new iPhones.

"Apple Watch has now become an intelligent guardian for your health", said Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer.

The new model will have the ability to take high-quality heart readings to detect irregular heart rhythms and other potential problems. The company says it's the first EKG available over the counter.

Like the XS and XS MAX, the XR has a new Depth Control slider feature that lets you adjust the depth-of-field in Portrait Mode photos after they're captured, going from maximum bokeh at f/1.8 to maximum depth-of-field at f/16.

"In addition, eSIMs provide operators with an opportunity to add multiple devices to subscriber contracts, on a global scale, creating valuable new revenue streams". More importantly, Apple kicked off a one-year iPhone battery replacement program that reduced the fix fee from $79 to $29.

Apple stressed its devotion to data privacy, saying all health information gathered is encrypted on the smartwatch to be shared only as users see fit.

Apple's promised wireless charger was notably absent from its latest iPhone event.

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