Parental Whitelisting Controls Arrive on YouTube Kids App

Donna Miller
September 14, 2018

YouTube is a massive platform when it comes to kids, but with a lot of unsavoury content on there parents have been turning to YouTube Kids as a safer alternative to the full stream of YouTube.

The YouTube Kids new parent approved content feature allows parents to pick every video and channel available to their child in the app. The new parental controls are available worldwide on Android and will launch soon on iOS.

To enable the feature, open YouTube's settings, go to the child's profile and choose "approved content only". Once that option is selected, parents can then hit the '+' button next to any channel, video or collection of channels presented by YouTube kids.

YouTube Kids has faced criticism since November, when The New York Times reported that inappropriate clips weren't getting caught by the app's filters. One video showed Mickey Mouse in a pool of blood, for example.

Parents can also swap between "Younger", "Older" and parent-approved content whenever they want.

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We've been fans of the YouTube Kids app, but admittedly when so many questionable videos were making it onto their little eyeballs, we were waiting for them to make some updates to give parents more control over what their kids were seeing.

Turned on from an existing Profile page, the Older version has more access to popular music videos and video games. Some of the changes may come via a server-side switch, but there was a new version of the app released yesterday, so it can't hurt to install that - we also have it at APK Mirror.

Of course, the new whitelisting feature and tween experience won't be ideal, YouTube said. The new "older" experience is only available in the USA at this point, but YouTube plans to offer it globally in the future.

"We work hard to make videos in the app family friendly, but no system is ideal", the company said in a release. "As we continue to receive feedback from parents and turn that feedback into improvements to the YouTube Kids app, we hope that all families and kids can create the experience they want!"

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