'Anti-Nobels' honour nutritional analysis of cannibalism, roller-coaster kidney stones treatment

Desiree Burns
September 16, 2018

Riding on some types of roller-coaster is an effective way of removing kidney stones.

From workplace voodoo dolls and self-inflicted colonoscopies to cannibalistic diets and using roller coasters to pass kidney stones, here are the winners of this year's Ig Nobel Prizes.

Romanian Gabriela-Alina Sauciuc is among the winners of the 2018 Ig Nobel Prizes, a parody of the Nobel Prize awarded every autumn "for achievements that first make people laugh then make them think".

The anthropology prize went to a team that found when chimps try to imitate humans, they do about as well as humans do when they're imitating chimpanzees.

Prof David Wartinger, of Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine, made the surprising discovery after hearing a weird story from one of his patients. The patient reported that undoubtedly one of his kidney stones grew to turned into dislodged after a dart on the Worthy Roar Mountain dart.

Questioning whether or no longer it turned into once ended in by the dart or a twist of destiny, the patient went on the dart several more events and whenever a stone popped out. Intrigued by the yarn, Prof Wartinger built a silicone model of his patient's renal gadget, along with man made kidney stones, and took it with him on a gargantuan decision of rides.

The results were conclusive: Big Thunder Mountain triumphed as the most effective stone-remover. They are all genuine studies and almost all have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Each was given 60 seconds to deliver an acceptance speech before an 8-year-old girl complained onstage: "Please stop".

Spanish-speaking Taco Bell worker refused English-speaking customers
The video gained attention after being covered by local news outlets, including the Miami Herald . She then shut and locked the window. "No one here speaks English".

'I can't tell you about a general consensus, but I can tell you that for the last decade that we've been aware of this research, we've recommended it for our patients with great success.

"This trial may be amusing, but I inserted an endoscope into my colon for a serious objective".

"People actually feel a lot better", she told a crowd of about 1,000 people who had gathered September 13 at Harvard University's Sanders Theatre.

"If people watch a video of my self-colonoscopy, they think colonoscopy is simple and easy", he said. The Investigation was called, Life Is Too Short to RTFM: How Users Relate to Documentation and Excess Features.

"RTFM" is an acronym for "read the field manual", though, according to the researchers, it has gained a new meaning by consumers who are often frustrated by the complexity of operation of their product. James Cole, a lecturer in archaeology at Britain's University of Brighton, demonstrated that the caloric value of other animals our ancestors hunted and ate was higher than what would be found in human flesh. This was to analyse the eating practices of early humans, rather than to inform present-day dietary choices.

The Economics Prize went to researchers who investigated the effectiveness of employees using Voodoo dolls to retaliate against their bosses.

A Japanese doctor was recognized Thursday with an Ig Nobel prize, which honor comical but practical scientific studies, for devising the most comfortable colonoscopy technique by using himself as a test subject. It is - especially for fragile, painted areas on ceramics, and on gold leaf. Peace goes to a Spanish and Colombian team who measured the frequency, motivation, and effects of shouting while driving.

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