Family: Warrant is part of smear campaign against slain Dallas man

Blanche Robertson
September 16, 2018

The search warrant revealed that in addition to 10.4 grams of marijuana in Ziplock bags, two fired cartridge casings; a black backpack "with police equipment and paperwork"; and a black ballistic vest with "police" markings had also been found in Jean's apartment.

The data could potentially show when Guyger's front door was locked and unlocked, indicating whether she went home before going to Jean's apartment.

Shortly after the news station was eviscerated on Twitter by people on both sides of the aisle, they changed their headline.

In the hours after he was murdered, a police search warrant was issued for Jean's home.

Guyger was charged with manslaughter on Sunday and was released from jail on a $300,000 bond.

Hall is within her rights immediately terminate Guyger, but sources told ABC News that it would be rare to do so before the internal police report is complete.

But then around 5 p.m., the family's lawyers were alerted to some apparent breaking news in the investigation into Jean's death.

She said it was dark inside and she thought Jean was a burglar, and that she shot him after he didn't obey her "verbal commands". Thursday marked the deadline for the search warrant return - the list of items taken from the apartment - to be taken back to court.

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Law enforcement officials with direct knowledge of the case told to the Dallas Morning News that evidence from Jean's apartment suggests that Guyger did shoot him from across the room.

The station interviewed an attorney not connected to the case, who said, "I'm not saying Mr. Jean is a bad guy because he had some marijuana in his apartment, but it could help add some explanation to this insane case".

The arrest affidavit for Guyger, filed by a Texas Ranger and based off of Guyger's version of events, claims Guyger "inserted a unique door key, with an electronic chip, into the door key hole".

Religious leaders from the Dallas area say they are outraged and saddened by Jean's death. However, it is not clear yet whether the door was unlocked or ajar.

O'Donnell said it would require a full investigation to determine all the factors that went into her shooting Jean, and that one or two details could make a difference.

That post may look bad, but the others on her account certainly eclipse it. "It is time that we recognize that lives matter, my son's life matters". "My son's life mattered".

Rachel Leah reports for Salon.

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