Microsoft Acquires Another AI Company, Lobe

Donna Miller
September 16, 2018

As artificial intelligence continues growing in relevance, the results of these investments should become more visible. And there just aren't enough of those brains - not even close.

Microsoft is acquiring San Francisco-based startup Lobe to help developers easily build, train and ship deep learning and AI (artificial intelligence) models.

Lobe's visual interface allows developers to create apps with features such as read handwriting, hand gestures, hear music, etc.

It is also worth seeing that the Lobe's approach complements Microsoft's existing Azure ML Studio platform, which also offers a drag-and-drop interface for building various model of the machine learning with the help of which with a more utilitarian design than the slick interface that the Lobe team built., but just like low-code tools, they do serve a objective and work well enough for many use cases.

The acquisition is the latest of several AI companies scooped up by Microsoft since the spring.

AI is revolutionising entire industries like medicine and farming, Scott said, but the technology has been slow to realise its full potential because of the complexity involved in building and training models.

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Lobe's development tools offer a simple visual experience that makes it easier to understand how data is being interpreted and how decisions are made based on it.

"To date, many people have been at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing AI, and we're committed to changing that", Scott said. The Lobe acquisition is part of that effort.

Lobe was founded in 2015 and now has three San Francisco-based employees.

Lobe's software is in beta.

Lobe was said to be co-founded by Mike Matas, who is now working on the iPhone and iPad along with Facebook's Paper as well as Instant Articles products.

Earlier this year, Microsoft purchased Semantic Machines, developer of natural language, speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies that power Siri and Google Now.

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