All-new Pokémon for the Let's Go! games potentially leaked

Donna Miller
September 23, 2018

While players in North and South America were expecting to see this mystery Pokemon around 5 PM ET today, it is now randomly appearing in their region before the Community Day event. We now know nothing else about the new Pocket Monster other than what it looks like.

Update: Chrales is live on Twitch with more details regarding the new #891 Pokemon.

Still, that's a lot of conclusions to jump to based off two images of what basically looks like a grey Ditto with a nut for a head, so use Take Salt as you process your feelings on this (feel free to forget Splash if you need to). Well, I got the answer for you.

When Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! were first revealed, the trailer contained a tease for a brand-new Pokémon unlocked by linking the games to Pokémon GO.

Telltale Games is reportedly closing down and cancelling most current projects
Their breakout occurred in 2012, when their adaptation of The Walking Dead achieved massive critical acclaim and sales. Telltale Games has experienced layoffs in the past, although nothing at the scale suggested by these reports.

As with all Community Day events, other bonuses will also be available to players. While this very well may be a placeholder for the final graphic, it seems as though Niantic let something go through that wasn't supposed to be seen yet.

But let's talk about the "New Pokemon 891" found by Chrales and posted on his Twitter account. Obviously the creature in the tweet looks nothing like Kecleon (even though it is labeled as such in Pokemon Go), but Chrales then went on the explain that the unity files of the mysterious Pokemon are tagged with the ID #891.

Currently, the encyclopedia of all known Pokemon, the Pokedex, ends at entry #807. This coupled with the fact that in the Let's Go announcements, it was stated that Let's Go would only feature 1 new Pokemon, that can also carry over to Pokemon GO, and that has also never been seen in any game up to the recent Ultra Sun and Moon Generation 7 games. "Meganium evolved during September Community Day will know the Grass-type attack Frenzy Plant, a Pokemon GO CommunityDay exclusive!"

Do you care to be the Godfather of the new Pokemon?

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