China has banned Twitch

Donna Miller
September 22, 2018

After the streaming platform began to see increased popularity in China, the Twitch website became inaccessible inside the country. China is a huge and still-growing market for games, and Steam has seen a steady trickle of Chinese studios using it as an global launchpad.

The ban seems to have come without much warning, with Abacus reporting that it's been handed down on the heels of a period of quick growth for Twitch in the region.

Chinese users began downloading Twitch's app as an alternative to watch coverage of the games which pushed it to the third highest spot on the free apps section of the App Store. It was unannounced, and Twitch confirmed the news only after being asked by Abacus. This has seemingly been rectified as of September 20th, however if there are any outliers, then access to Twitch isn't expected to last much longer.

Twitch, the most popular live streaming service in the world, has just been reportedly blocked in China under nebulous circumstances.

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This is what Twitch looked like in China before it's ban.

China has blocked large sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube for years. Google and its services have been absent from the country for nearly a decade, but the company is reportedly working with authorities on a heavily restricted, custom censored search engine codenamed Project Dragonfly-a plan that has reportedly seen a senior researcher from the company quit in protest.

We'll see how this all shakes out, but with the Chinese government's recent hardline against gaming, it isn't likely that Twitch will be back online soon. Stay tuned, because hopefully Twitch will have more to say on the matter in the near future.

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