Epic Games announce 400% XP Fortnite weekend, Season 6 start date

Donna Miller
September 23, 2018

Fortnite's 5th season is now in the midst of its 10th week, which means that the end is near.

Epic Games have been playing their cards close to their chest but, now that we have a confirmed start date, you can expect to see some teasers dropping in-game and on the various Epic Games social media accounts. Clubs and corresponding club prizes are also new to competitive Fortnite, but we'll explain all that later.

Forward-looking: Epic's willingness to continually transform Fortnite with regular updates has made the game feel alive and organic like none other.

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With Season 6 of Battle Royale on the horizon, the saga of the mysterious cube in Fortnite has seemingly reached its final conclusion (for now).

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass - When will it release? Everyone will be able to participate and a number of tweaks to the previous system will be implemented thanks to data gleaned from 78.3 players taking part in the game in August. Additionally, many skins will have their dark variants, and players will enter a non-combat area after getting into the portal.

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass - What's going to happen? If you haven't completed this Season's, however, Epic has implemented a special 400% XP boost until 1pm BST/5am PT /8am ET 24 September. There'll be no time to mourn the end of season 5, though, as Epic is looking to kick off season 6 quickly. In addition to the usual Friday competitions, the developer is introducing weekly trials for select members of each club so they can earn additional points.

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