Raccoon scales apartment building before falling, running off

Blanche Robertson
September 22, 2018

Shocking video shows a raccoon scaling a New Jersey building many stories high.

Micah Rea - who says he's from Greenville, South Carolina - was vacationing in New Jersey with friends when he spotted the raccoon climbing up the side of an apartment building.

The horrified crowd gasped in horror as he leapt from the wall and spread his arms out in front of him as he plunged towards the ground.

Micha Rea, a SC resident, was walking the boardwalk with friends when he says they spotted the raccoon roughly nine stories up on the side of a building.

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Rea and others began recording the raccoon, who was about nine stories up.

As Rhea pans the camera to capture the crowd, he comes back to the raccoon just in time to watch it make a heroic leap.

He lands on the sandy floor with a heavy thud, but instead of laying still and injured the raccoon gets up and runs away like the boss he is.

In the video, you can see someone on a balcony attempting to catch it, but unfortunately misses.

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