SpaceX flight is bringing creative minds to space

Christopher Davidson
September 22, 2018

SpaceX has entered the race to send humans back to the moon, but their crew will not include astronauts from a government-run space program. The Japanese billionaire said he plans to invite six to eight artists, architects, designers and other creative people to join him on board the SpaceX rocket "to inspire the dreamer in all of us".

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, has confirmed that the first passenger on a private space flight to the moon will be the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa who just happens to be an art collector and rock star. As said, the artistic space trip is 5 years away. According to Forbes, Maezawa is Japan's 18 richest person with an estimated net worth of approximately $2.9 billion. Zozotown, or ZoZo, is a Japanese online clothing retailer that aims to change the fashion industry through technology. He returned home and began selling T-shirts, CDs and vinyl records from his kitchen while still performing in his band, Switch Style. He made headlines past year when he purchased a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting at auction for over $110 million Dollars. Maezawa plans to build an art museum in Chiba, a town east of Tokyo.

Elon Musk announced yesterday that the BFR, Big Falcon Rocket, would eventually take passengers to Mars. He will be boarding SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket or BFR which is still now under development.

Maezawa purchased every single flight on the BFR ship.

SpaceX has finally revealed its first space tourist that will circle the moon in the near future.

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"Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the moon".

In the past, Space Adventures has worked with the Russian government to get their customers seats on Russian spacecraft. The same rocketship will be used by the private space agency to launch its Mars colonization mission. Additionally, Maezawa is paying for their once in a lifetime trip. It was previously reported that NASA was planning to contrast the Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway, a space station orbiting the moon, in the next half decade.

Maezawa's ride on the SpaceX rocket isn't scheduled until 2023. However, Musk made it clear the 2023 date is a best-case scenario.

"As far as me going, I'm not sure", Musk responded. But I did not want to have such a fantastic experience by myself.

"There are so many uncertainties. I think I'm uniquely poised to do it". This will require a lot of training but whenever it's the first flight of something on a new technology and we are talking about deep space, you have to be a very courageous person to do that.

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