Batman Shows Off His Bat-Wiener in a New "Adult" Comic

Donna Miller
September 23, 2018

Head to 2:28 to watch Seth's bit about Batman...

If you didn't hear the news, DC Comics put out a new issue of their mature, not safe for the office comic series featuring Batman going full frontal. According to the Hollywood Reporter, DC editorial did not think the nudity added anything to the story. That's right-the caped crusader goes commando and shows his penis in the process.

Well, the Late Night host had a field day with the news as he took to his late-night stage for his nightly monologue.

After the reveal of Batman's batpole made headlines this week, DC Comics has chose to remove Bruce Wayne's penis from all future printings of Batman: Damned #1, stating "that the nudity did not add to the story", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That was just the start. That being said, it has been announced by the higher-ups at DC that the censored versions of the nude panels featured in Batman: Damned #1's digital release will be used in future reprints of the physical book.

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"Thank God that's not our last joke about Batman's penis", he giggled, before setting up the same gag again.

For the grand finale, Meyers brought in another character.

Batman: Damned #1, the first in the publisher's adult-aimed Black Label, is a new graphic novel set in a world where the Joker has died and Bruce Wayne, suffering from memory loss, is unsure whether he was the one who killed him.

And don't worry. I won't load you up with "Batman's boner" jokes.

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