Greek town covered in spider webs

Christopher Davidson
September 23, 2018

As you can see in the footage embedded here, everything from trees to shrubs was covered in spiderweb.

But for residents of a town in Greece, it's a spooky reality.

Oh, what a tangled web is being woven along the coast of a small town in Greece ― and it's more than 1,000 feet long.

Giannis Giannakopoulos saw the "veil of webs" this week in Aitoliko, CNN reported.

"It's natural for this area to have insects, no one is especially anxious", he told CNN.

The phenomenon is rare, although the webs have appeared before in other parts of the country.

The spider web's industrious creators, known as "stretch spiders" for their long and slender bodies, are of the genus Tetragnatha.

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Chatzaki told CNN the webs often turn into sheet-like covers that are home to thousands of spiders living underneath.

Biologist Fotis Pergantis, president of the region's Messolonghi National Lagoon Park, says the warm weather has led to an increase in the presence of gnats, on which the spiders feed. "They mate, they reproduce and provide a whole new generation".

A spider population boom happens about every three to five years near Aitoliko.

"It's the simple prey-predator phenomenon", Pergantis told the network. When that happens, the spider population will decrease as well.

Molecular Biologist Maria Chatzaki said: "These spiders are not unsafe for humans and will not cause any damage to the area's flora".

"The spiders will have their party and will soon die".

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