Google Feed renamed to Discover, will now appear on Google's mobile homepage

Donna Miller
September 25, 2018

A new "Journeys" feature is meant to keep track of users' individual searches about particular topics. For example, if you are traveling to San Francisco for the first time, an article published a year ago about things to do in San Francisco would still be relevant to your interests, even if it's an older article.

Last week, we heard that Google planned to rebrand Google Feed as Google Discover.

Google's next step after Google Feed is "Google Discover" and it's all about News. Along with the new name comes a redesign that should look familiar with the recent Material Theme updates. There are also a few design tweaks, but the biggest change is that Google Discover will now appear when you visit using your mobile browser.

Other behind the scenes changes to rankings in Google Images are also happening, with things like site topical relevance, fresher content, and "central" image placement on click-through all resulting in higher results. They will resurface old "Evergreen" content that you have never seen before. This discover tool could keep people glued onto Google's search engine if it shows people a greater variety of information that they otherwise would not have asked for. It will also appear on the mobile web.

Google is making Search much more visual with the help of computer vision.

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Again, Google says this Lens functionality in Image Search will be available in the coming weeks. These Stories look like the stories you see on Instagram and Snapchat, but they give you more information about a topic.

Google's Discover is a major update to the feed that'll make it feel more modern with more videos and visual content while also giving you way more control over what you see. You don't have to watch a full video for just the 30 seconds that relates to your query.

Google did not say when it would expand the new Story feature to include more than celebrities or athletes.

Google's Ben Gomes, VP, Search, News and Assistant, offered up three fundamental ways Google was changing the way they think about search.

Next up is something called Activity Cards. The idea is that people tend to repeatedly search for a particular topic as opposed to only searching for something once; it's essentially a better-indexed version of the company's search history feature. I know I dive down the same rabbit holes from time to time. You will also see related websites from your previous search. You can further refine your results by "drawing" on an image to select more specific content. In other words, Google Search is now focused on your journey instead of just supplying you with answers. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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