Google is adding a slew of new features to Search

Donna Miller
September 25, 2018

What just happened? As part of its 20-anniversary celebrations, Google has announced it is adding several new features to its core Search product. Unsurprisingly, they all utilise integrated AI and have a strong focus on mobile. As in, you'll still see recent searches and activity in card form, but the cards themselves have been given a fresh coat of paint with headers above each topic so you can easily keep track of what you're reading.

Also note the Material Design elements within Google Search, which will also roll out soon. If you like that topic you can tap on it to find out more about it, and underneath will be a whole slew of new articles and content to view, and Google will remember the topics you tap on to find more content in the future. These are not created by people at Google but are rather put together through artificial intelligence, giving you a well-rounded look at the person you're searching for. The company said "evergreen" pieces that aren't new will also be shown if they're relevant to the user.

Later this year, the Search box will include Activity Cards.

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Featured Videos will show animated previews of relevant results within the feed. Thus, Google Feed has officially been rebranded as "Discover" - a name more befitting of the company's ambitions for the custom-tailored informational stream. Not sure what to make of this change, but Google says they feel it's going to be a place "where you cannot only search, but also discover useful, relevant information and inspiration from across the web for the topics you care about most". The Discover icon will allow you to delve further into the suggested topic, which you can then opt to follow if you so choose. To mark the occasion, the tech giant is introducing a plethora of new search and discovery features that are aimed at making it easier for users to explore their favorite topics and easily find relevant content and information. That's right web searches through on any mobile browser will feature the same, involved Discover feed like the main Google app.

You should be able to see this AMP story right now by clicking here on your mobile device. Google uses this as an example - "You may like to use recipes in Spanish and read sports in English, and you will see content in your language of preference for each interest".

The AI within Lens will analyse images in order to detect objects of interest in them.

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