Firefox Monitor will email you when your account is compromised

Donna Miller
September 26, 2018

Monitor consists of an input form - with Firefox download links - submits hashed email addresses to HIBP and performs a bit of processing on the returned data.

The goal behind Firefox Monitor is to allow users to respond in a timely way to data breaches, giving them a chance to take proactive steps to mitigate against further threats.

If your credentials were compromised then make sure to change your password immediately to avoid unauthorized access to the account. At the very least, this means changing passwords to something new and untainted, but could also include the activation of two-factor authentication (2FA). And let's face it, most people don't know how to pronounce "pwned" much less figure out whether the term applies to them.

First shown-off back in June ahead of its official launch this week, Firefox Monitor sees Mozilla teaming up with Have I Been Pwned, owned by Australian security researcher Troy Hunt, to alert users when their details have been compromised.

Firefox Monitor then iterates through the supplied list, searching for a match of the full email address hash.

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Accessible via, you can type in your email address to see if it's been involved a publicly known past data breach.

It should be noted that Firefox Monitor does not protect you against data breaches.

In addition to Firefox Monitor, Mozilla also recently announced a new anti-tracking initiative that aims to help block the unrestrained data collection activities online. "We plan to have more features rolled out in the next couple of months for Firefox", Mozilla said in a statement.

Oh, and for the record, pwned is pronounced "poned", rhyming with "phoned".

Update, 6:22 a.m. PT: Adds Mozilla comment about password checking.

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