An invisible crisis: developing countries remain ill-equipped to tackle mental health

Desiree Burns
October 10, 2018

"Mental health is just as vital to our wellbeing as physical health", Lady Gaga wrote on its site this time past year. "Since children can not express their mental problems, it remains unidentified and affects them more as they grow older".

World Mental Health Day is observed every year on October 10 and is dedicated towards mental health education, awareness and reducing the social stigma that surrounds this condition.

The op-ed also mentioned new research they hope will help in "scaling up" the global push to provide access to mental health care, turning it into a worldwide effort, "similar to the movement for HIV/AIDS".

It urged African leaders to develop and strengthen evidence-based programmes for young people, with the support of national policymakers and programme managers.

Do you think you have a friend who's struggling with mental health challenges? The usual onset of a mental illness is early adulthood (19 to 23-years-old). There are not enough specialised hospitals or specialised psychiatric hospital beds for children and adolescents.

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"With mental and behavioral health, the lack of services means the future cost implications are even higher because people aren't even getting treatment", Bass said.

A combination of issues is usually the biggest contributors to mental health among young people, says Chambers.

Chambers says that Sadag is receiving more and more calls from young people who are in crisis and need help, as well as more requests to do school talks and debriefing sessions after a learner suicide.

The Bad Romance singer previously took a career break to look after her mental health, telling The Mirror: 'I take medication.

"The Benin Specialist Hospital will be open to offer specialist care to patients before the end of the year and we have received letters of intent from experts in the health sector, who want to partner with us to ensure that our health system can meet the needs of our people", he added.

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