No change in Qld after dire climate report

Christopher Davidson
October 10, 2018

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy, black and brown coal generated about 62 per cent of Australia's electricity in 2016-17. It's up to world leaders who meet later this year to try understand all that's being said, such as the work of the year's two Nobel economics laureates suggesting ways to fight global warming, including a universal carbon tax.

The report highlights a number of climate change impacts that could be avoided by limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, for instance, by 2100, the global sea level rise would be 10cm lower than a 2 degrees Celsius cap. He has been historically dismissive of climate science, calling it "bullshit" and a "hoax" before he was elected. Rain-fed agriculture is already marginal across much of the country, and anticipated climate change may well make current agricultural practices unviable at 1.5℃ and above. The report also notes that "any remaining emissions would need to be balanced by removing Carbon dioxide from the air".

The report has received a lukewarm response by Australia's center-right government.

"Findings issued today by the world's preeminent climate scientists urgently underscore the need to dramatically step up global action against climate change", Bob Perciasepe, president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, said in a statement.

"Australia is enabling the kind of climate pollution that the world scientists are now telling us we've got to stop".

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Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) Le Cong Thanh made the statement during a high-level dialogue on climate change which took place in Hanoi on October 10. This comes after an increase of 1°C above pre-industrial levels since the mid-1800s. "Within a few generations he is burning the fossil fuels that slowly accumulated in the earth over the past 500 million years". It has said it has no intention of scaling back fossil fuel production because without coal, household power bills would soar. But they are not spread uniformly across the globe, and different parts of the world experience impacts differently. And in 2017, President Donald Trump pulled the USA out of the 2015 Paris Agreement, in which almost 200 countries committed to cutting emissions to keep global temperature rise below 2°C, with the larger goal of trying to keep warming to 1.5° above pre-Industrial levels.

Crucial changes are needed - similar to the comprehensive economic reform that Vietnam started 40 years ago - to reduce GHG emissions and generate green jobs towards a resilient and sustainable society, she stated.

In 2005, the state released a report on the potential impacts of climate change, examining effects on everything from tourism and forests to water and agriculture.

The Labor party has capitalised on the IPCC report and used it to demonstrate the their view that the Coalition isn't unified on its' approach to climate change and that more conservative elements of the party are undermining the Government's ability to put forward sensible policy in regards to emissions reduction.

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