How To Get Meltan, Pokemon Go's Weird New Monster

Donna Miller
October 11, 2018

Because that would be too simple, it seems the easiest way to find a Meltan is by receiving a "Mystery Box". After confirming the creature's existence late last month, the official website for the Pokemon: Let's Go games has been updated to let players know how to obtain the mysterious new Pokemon. After Ditto taking on this Pokemon's form appeared in the wild in Pokemon Go, The Pokemon Company revealed the new Pokemon and revealed that it was part of a tie-in between Pokemon Go and the upcoming Pokemon: Let's Go games for the Nintendo Switch.

While Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee pare back the series' sprawling bestiary to only the original 151 monsters (plus their Alolan variants), players will be able to obtain one entirely new Pokemon in the games: the odd Mythical Pokemon Meltan. When Professor Oak opened the box in his laboratory, he found a rusty lump of metal inside.

Meltan promotional video called New Discovery was also published, showing rare footage of Meltan in the wild. Subsequent transfers will get more standard rewards like Pokemon Candy, but the first time you transfer the Mystery Box is your in-game reward. Getting a mystery box requires you to transfer your Pokemon from Go into Let's Go, which means you'll still need both games to have a chance of seeing Meltan.or will you?! Opening it will cause Meltan to appear, but only for the player that opened said box.

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The Go Park isn't only good for bringing your favorite monsters over from Pokemon Go; if you transfer 25 of the same species, you'll be able to play a minigame in an area of the Go Park called the Play Yard.

The Pokemon Company has shared a lot of new information about Meltan and how it can be caught in Pokemon GO. "Look forward to this new Special Research this winter, when you can participate in various investigations with Professor Willow and catch Meltan!"

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