Star Citizen flaunts another star-studded Squadron 42 trailer

Lewis Collier
October 11, 2018

Developer Cloud Imperium Games just released a new celebrity-packed trailer for "Squadron 42", the standalone single-player game being developed alongside massively multiplayer space title "Star Citizen". That addition is the Object Container Streamer, something those following the game closely will be familiar with. For the uninitiated, this processing tool positively impacts the experience of players by controlling how much of the Star Citizen universe is loaded by the player's CPU. Planet Hurston and Lorville, the planet's main city, will launch to backers over incremental patches.

The show is now live with the opening keynote and although the demo is glitchy (it's crashed once already!) they've showcased the Lorville main city landing zone on the planet Hurston, as well as a new large ship called the Kraken.

On the content side, players can look forward to tangling with new FPS AI enemies, who now populate the vast regions of the ever-expanding Stanton System (which currently clocks in over thousands of playable square kilometers). "Finally, the update also added new 'Scramble Race" missions that pit players against each other in high-octane races across Star Citizen's massive moons.

Aquadam to be installed at Spanish Arch ahead of Storm Callum
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"I'm so proud of the work the team has done to deliver Object Container Streaming and Face over IP to all our backers".

Squadron 42 is set to be a more linear, cinematic experience than the persistent-world of Star Citizen, inviting players to "join the courageous men and women of the 2nd Fleet as they stand strong against the greatest threats the UEE has ever faced". Well enough that in a press email, CIG confirmed that users are reporting 100% increases in frames per second in game performance over non OCS versions of the game.

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