Director Sajid Khan Accused of Sexual Harassment by Two Women

Lewis Collier
October 12, 2018

Housefull 4 director Sajid Khan has been called out for sexual harassment by his former assistant director Saloni Chopra in her blog in the Medium and has opened up about the endless mental torture she faced at the hands of the comic turned filmmaker. She would be furthermore humiliated by him with comments on her breast and ass being non-existent for her to be an actress.

She added, "So I asked, nearly pleading, what was it that he wanted from me?"

She wrote further that one night when yet again called her, she being irritated straight off asked what he wanted and if it is sex then she is ready to get it done and over with so that he will just back off after that, and leave her alone. He'll do things to me and give me orgasm and teach me the art of sex but maybe he won't actually put his d*** inside me. I wasn't even good enough to be an actress so how could he ever cast me. Said he wanted to take me under his wing and make me an actress. And then, he pulled his trousers down and showed me his dick as he kept yelling 'see? "I won't touch you with a barge pole.' And then he laughed".

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That's when I threw his laptop and I walked out of the room. "Of course he went into a philosophical rant about our human bodies and it's desires and how sorry he felt for people who had to go through abuse (not the only man who's said this shit before they take advantage of you, it's quite common) by the end of the interview I was in tears, and I wasn't entirely sure why". She further writes about her relationship with actor Zain Durrani in June earlier this year. She wrote, "I was so exhausted of his behaviour that even my fear of him wasn't enough to shut me up". Sometimes I think it happened at a Halloween party in Bandra, when the management tried to kick him out. The memories of how it started are blur and painful to extents I can not explain in words.

Adding further, Saloni said, "He'd say frightful, terrible things about his supposed girlfriend at the time, who also happened to be one of the kindest, nicest women I'd ever met in the industry". Rachel White re-tweeted Saloni Chopra's account and added her own story. Only recently Aamir Khan made a decision to walk out of Mogul considering its director Subhash Kapoor is fighting a sexual harassment case by actress Geetika Tyagi.

However, Tanushree had called Twinkle out and told a leading entertainment news channel, "Thank you, ma'am, for supporting me but your husband (Akshay Kumar) is about to or is even shooting the film (Sajid Khan's Housefull 4) with Nana Patekar".

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