Hubble placed in safe mode as gyro issues investigated

Christopher Davidson
October 12, 2018

Astronomers have recently been talking about how they can extend Hubble's life so that it could continue to serve the astronomy community.

American Space Agency NASA said that after hitting the work of a gyroscope in the Hubble Space Telescope, it had been kept in safe mode.

However, if we look back, we must say that since it launched into orbit in 1990, at 500 kilometres above the surface of the Earth, it has made nearly one and a half million observations and has located three quarters of the exoplanets we know today, amounting to about 4000.

The reason behind this decision of putting the work of one of the most iconic NASA's instrument on standby was taken after a failure in the gyroscopes of the instrument.

The closed gyroscope was showing signs of being worsened for almost a year, and it was not unexpected to stop the work. The mood is upbeat, Wiseman says. Two have since died, leaving a backup and three working gyroscopes, one of which expired Friday.

Dr. Rachel Osten, deputy mission head for the Hubble Space Telescope, tweeted, "Very stressful weekend". Its curvature was off by two micrometers, making the images slightly blurry.The telescope soldiered on, despite being the butt of jokes on late-night TV.

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The Hubble Space Telescope has entered safe mode after complications with the instrument's gyroscopes arose last week, according to NASA.

One of NASA's most successful telescopes is in a precarious situation after a critical piece failed.

Despite a history of critical parts failing, the Hubble Space Telescope and its findings led to breakthroughs about black holes, supernovas, and even dark energy.

So due to this, all the operations related to science have been suspended with Hubble telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in the year 1990 into low Earth orbit and until now remained in operation. In 2009, astronauts replaced all six gyroscopes on the telescope-the veteran.

2009: New lease on lifeFortunately, NASA restored the final servicing mission, and the space shuttle Atlantis visited Hubble in May 2009 (SN Online: 5/11/09). Although the Hubble team is optimistic about solving the issue in case if NASA isn't able to find a way out, it will execute the single-gyro control for Hubble in order to preserve the life of the single remaining unit for future operations. "We are always anxious", says Jenkner, who has been working on Hubble since 1983.

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