Trump Says Energized Republicans Must Vote to Ensure Unexpected Senate Wins

Desiree Burns
October 12, 2018

Always. They couldn't care less about the truth, honor, integrity, or the damage they might do to an honorable man or woman, as long as they get their way. Focusing on the "mob" has also let Republicans raise the subject without explicitly reminding voters about Kavanaugh himself, who polling showed was viewed unfavorably by the public. Dianne Feinstein, the 85-year-old California Democrat, deliberately sat on a letter from accuser Christine Blasey Ford for almost two months. "But, boy, looking back, assessing what went on during the Kavanaugh hearings, there is no doubt - as somebody that studies branding - there is no doubt that at least for Senate candidates, that the Kavanaugh hearings were a disaster the for the Democratic Party".

In the end, the smoke dissipated and it turned out there was no fire at all.

Senate Democrats must want to get out of Washington to campaign. Appointed by President Donald Trump, Kavanaugh's confirmation cemented a conservative majority on the court that could last for years.

"We don't like the incivility; I think that's a big deal", Thomas said.

The Kavanaugh confirmation has blown open the midterm elections from being a national referendum on Trump's stewardship to a raw emotional discussion over the lack of women in power and how to handle sexual misconduct allegations.

The Republican candidate 45 percent. Democratic enthusiasm ratcheted notably upward from September in the latest CNN/SSRS survey, giving the party a double-digit edge on the generic ballot, while the GOP's numbers remained largely flat. "But this is the first time in Gallup's trend since 1994 that both parties have expressed high enthusiasm".

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President Trump took the rare step of publishing an op-ed in USA Today slamming universal medicare proposals, or Medicare for All, as an extremist proposal fashioned by progressive Democrats. Republicans also picked up six seats in the Senate. Polls show that most of the red state Democrats are in competitive races. But just a week ago, an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found GOP enthusiasm had caught up to Democratic levels. While it's unclear how many of those picks McConnell plans to seek a pre-election deal on with Schumer, the Kentucky Republican has underscored that he intends to follow his victory on Kavanaugh with more judicial confirmations before the midterms.

When asked the most important of the factors that will affect their vote, more registered voters - Democrats and Republicans - cite the political party of the candidate, than choose any of the other issues.

"Because I pledged that in 2016", Grassley said.

So far, he looks absolutely spot on.

At Monday's East Room ceremony, Trump again invoked the rhetoric Republicans are using to frame the whole episode: Kavanaugh, Trump said, had been "proven innocent", even though critics say the investigation was not thorough enough to merit that conclusion. But the GOP shift to disparaging descriptions of their opponents as unruly and sinister is a marked change from their messaging before the Kavanaugh battle, when they'd hoped to focus on the strong economy and the mammoth tax cut they pushed through Congress last December. "In just four weeks, you will have the chance to render your verdict on the Democrats' outrageous conduct".

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