Housemates accuse Dipika Kakar of being two-faced

Lewis Collier
October 13, 2018

Meanwhile, Saba and Sana Khan also argued with Karanvir over his comments about their participation in Bigg Boss. Dipika and Neha have been targeting Srishty for quite some time, and now the two will be taking Shrishti's name for kaalkothari, and owning to them, the other will be following it. Karanvir supported Sreesanth and also got into a fight with Saba. Surbhi, Urvashi and Deepak were mad at the decision as well.

The drama at Bigg Boss house seems to be becoming spicier day by day!

Srishty, Shivashish and Saurabh get the jail term after heated discussion between the contestants. Sree told Anup that Dipika is so manipulative that he has started to hate her now, and she is playing a very dirty game along with Neha.

Bigg Boss introduces a new task in which four contestants from the house are to be told about their strengths and weaknesses by the rest of the housemates.

Dipika broke down and Somi wondered how singles would play the game now because she felt that all the singles used Sreesanth for their own benefit. Jodis were in favour of Sreesanth and wanted to oust Nehha and hence they blamed Dipika for former's exit and latter got anxious that Sreesanth would judge her for her decision. He runs away from her and tells her that he doesn't want a divorce from his wife. He is also anxious about Somi because if Saba goes to jail she has to tag along because they are a jodi. Sreesanth is now one of the most talked about contestants, because of his power-packed game-play.

“Bullsh*T. I Will Throw You People Out”

Deepak Thakur is again upset with Urvashi Vani because she stands with the singles while they are against Deepak.

And yes being emotional will definetly make her more strong in the house and also as an individual. Urvashi and Deepak have a secret meeting. And before anyone would realise, the two girls will get physical with Saba even pushing Srishty.

But recently, the fans of Big Boss took to social media and trolled her for crying every now and then. His closest friend Dipika Kakar had called out his name during the evictions.

But however when it comes to dipi few are saying she is faking it and crying for no reason.why?? Deepak ultimately wins the task.

Later, Deepak and Urvashi are having a conversation. He adds that she should not play invisible in the game.

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