Nicolas Maduro announces Trump administration is trying to kill him

Blanche Robertson
October 13, 2018

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the Trump administration of seeking to assassinate him as relations strain between the ideologically opposed nations.

Maduro was speaking during a televised broadcast when he claimed multiple "hit jobs" had originated from inside Washington; saying assassins have been "given the order from the White House".

Maduro did not give an explanation for his accusations and did not provide any evidence.

The attack on Maduro occurred during a military parade in Caracas in early August.

Maduro contends that he is the victim of an "economic war" led by US -backed adversaries.

Maduro has repeatedly accused Washington and Bogota, particularly Colombian ex-president Juan Manuel Santos, of having a role in the attack.

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In Thursday's message he insisted that "God and the people protect me" and said that if anything happened to him the working class must launch a general strike and insurrection.

The dictator's comments come after Press Secretary Sarah Sanders condemned the regime Wednesday, following the death of councilman Fernando Alban who died while under government custody. Alban had been detained over his alleged involvement in the drone attack.

Venezuela's opposition says Maduro lobs ludicrous accusations at enemies to deflect from his own incompetence.

"The task has been given to oligarchs in Bogota, to the Bogota government - I denounce this to the world", said Maduro.

"From the United States, they have made a decision to kill me - they have given the order from the White House that Maduro be killed", he proclaimed.

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