Obese tourists banned from doing this in Greece

Blanche Robertson
October 13, 2018

Visitors pay to climb onto a donkey's back to travel up and down Greece's iconic cobblestone steps that are frequently marveled in major tourists hotspots, such as Santorini.

The regulations state that donkeys giving rides to tourists should not be made to carry load weighing more than 100 kg.

The Ministry of agriculture of Greece was forbidden to ride donkeys in Santorini people who weigh over a hundred kilograms.

"One person was transported to the hill three different donkey not to chase a single animal", said 45-year-old Elizabeth, CACI, a volunteer from Athens, who participated in a peaceful protest in Santorini about the treatment of donkeys. An online petition claimed the donkeys were "forced to stand around in the sun in their own feces" and were whipped by handlers to speed up while carrying tourists "too lazy to just walk or take a cable auto". Still, the donkeys remain a popular choice for adventurous travelers.

But in recent years animal rights charities have warned that Santorini's donkeys are being exploited and mistreated by taxi businesses.

"Exhausted donkeys and mules are spending long days in the scorching sun, carrying tourists or heavy and harmful rubbish loads, with little to no water, food or shade", said The Donkey Sanctuary, an animal welfare group.

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After images of donkeys climbing the narrow steps of the Greek island of Santorini laden down by large holidaymakers hit the headlines worldwide, lawmakers in the country have now pledged to do more to help the animals. "I think all our hard work has paid off".

"The situation in Santorini has been going on for many years and it can not be resolved in one day".

Now, change has arrived in the form of new government policy, the Greek City Times reports.

The Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food has published new regulations to ensure the wellbeing of donkeys. In addition, pet owners must feed them only fresh food and to drink only clean water.

Facebook groups and online petitions sprung up over the European summer calling for boycotts to Santorini rides and more protections for the animals.

While this is a small victory for Santorini's animal charities, they say the island's donkeys are still overworked, and forced to carry heavy loads of garbage or building equipment up and down Fira's steps all day long.

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