Senate Reaches Deal On 15 Judges

Blanche Robertson
October 13, 2018

Singled out for opposition were David Porter, who was confirmed as a circuit court judge in Pennsylvania over the objection of that state's Democratic Sen.

"People have to still get out and vote", president Trump urged.

Just a month ago, Real Clear Politics' average of the key polls for all of the Senate seats up for election in 2018 listed 9 seats as "toss-ups" that could go either way.

And with the rules changes in the Senate - spearheaded by Democrats back in 2012 - which eliminated the use of the 60 vote filibuster against judicial nominees, there isn't much Democrats can do to stop those Trump nominations, unless Republicans refuse to support the choices. She may be the most vulnerable Democrat running. She said the back-to-back votes coming so soon after Kavanaugh's confirmation were especially painful.

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"Honest to God, I would answer that question, but I'm going to let you guys do that assessment", he said. After ceding two of the toss-ups to Republicans since the Kavanaugh circus a few weeks ago, RCP has now given the GOP one more. There are 25 Republican-held districts that Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 presidential election, and 12 Democratic-held districts that then-candidate Donald Trump carried.

The battle for Kavanaugh's Supreme Court seat has been won, but the larger war with the radical Democrat party will be lost if the fight is not taken directly to them and if they escape punishment for their un-American behavior regarding this issue.

"On numerous Senate races, races that we didn't think we had a chance, we're going to at least do very well and in many cases I think we're going to win", Trump predicted. "Maybe", Trump resolved, pointing to a shared interest between Republicans and Democrats in getting an infrastructure deal done.

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