The new Razer Raiju Mobile gaming controller works with Android phones

Donna Miller
October 13, 2018

The Razer Phone 2 looks to be a powerhouse of a smartphone, but its gaming-centric nature lends itself well to some sort of controller accessory.

The Raiju is a new controller created to work with most Android phones.

Raiju Mobile happens to be an Android version of its Raiju PS4 Gaming Controller.

The Raiju Mobile is similar to other controllers Razer has made in the past, like the Razer Wolverine, but it will be a bit more flexible.

The Razer Raiju Mobile lets you play Android games with actual buttons

Lastly, Razer specifically lists Vainglory, Lineage 2, Dead Trigger 2, and Gear-Club as mobile titles compatible with the Raiju Mobile. It can connect to phones running Android 6.0 via Bluetooth Low Energy or a USB-C plug - and there's an adapter for phones with a Micro-USB ports. PC compatibility of the Raiju Mobile will be rolled out at a later date.

Featuring four remappable multi-function buttons, Razer Mecha-Tactile action buttons, a hair trigger mode and an adjustable phone mount, gamers get enhanced precision and flawless viewing angles for their favourite mobile games. The built-in phone mount guarantees a comfortable playing experience in many different environments, tilting up to a 60-degree angle for extra flexibility. The controller also features trigger stops and a hair trigger mode for those times when you need to quick-fire and remain on the move, along with physical Select, Back, Home, and Start buttons.

The Razer Raiju Mobile wireless gaming controller will be available later this year. Well, that and the fact there still aren't many good Android games capable of exploiting the full potential of such a powerful controller.

To ensure this bad boy can keep up with your extended gaming sessions, a single charge purportedly delivers up to 23 hours of battery life.

Wendig published a number of tweets about the issue with the final one stating that he had a "dire fear this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better".

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