Offline radio to Premium users

Lewis Collier
October 19, 2018

Fresh off its Wear OS app announcement, Spotify revealed new features for Spotify Premium owners today.

One of the two driving forces behind the staggering growth of the U.S. music streaming industry over the past few years seems to be progressing at a much slower pace than the other market leader, but that also means it's going the extra mile to attract new subscribers.

The music streaming service's Endless Artist Radio lets you search for a playlist based on your favorite musician or song and find a matching endless stream - a feature associated with rival streaming service Pandora.

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The Spotify update, which starts rolling out to Premium subscribers on iOS and Android globally on Thursday, also simplifies navigation by cutting down the number of tabs at the bottom of the app from five to three (leaving just Home, Search and Your Library).

These will be "updated regularly" so that it doesn't get stale and can adapt to new artists. The Radio option now appears after you search for a particular song or artist. The infinite playlists can also be downloadeded for offline listening on your device. This is what Spotify calls "Personalized Search", and it includes a whole lot of buttons. Home has recommendations, Your Library has all the music and podcasts you've saved in the past, and Search - as redefined above - allows the user to explore the wide, wide world of Spotify media in all its forms. You should see the update by the end of today, if not tomorrow. I don't know, I'm not your dad.

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