Apple Customers in Canada Can Now Download a Copy of Their Data

Donna Miller
October 19, 2018

In May, when Apple first launched the online privacy portal, it only allowed U.S. users to either correct their data or delete their Apple accounts.

Apple launched a new feature Wednesday that will allow USA users to download all data held on them by the tech company.

In addition to Kiwi users, customers in the US, Canada and Australia can also take advantage of the portal. This data includes app usage history, account details and sign-in records, calendars, photos and documents stored in iCloud, and data associated with Apple Music and Game Center. Until then, these users can still contact Apple via its legal page to request of copy personal data held by Apple.

Could Facebook's data debacle force more companies to act like Apple on privacy?

Contrast that with the experience of TechCrunch's Zack Whittaker: when he asked for his data, Apple only had a few megabytes worth of spreadsheets, including his order and purchase histories, plus marketing information. If you have two-factor authentication turned on, Apple will send a six-digit code to your iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, and you can use that to log in on the Privacy website.

On the Apple ID & Privacy page click Continue.

To download your data, click on the "Get a copy of your data" option and you will be presented with a page displaying the type of information that can be downloaded. Apple told me it would take 7 days to get it all to me.

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Here's how you can easily request a copy of your personal data from Apple.

While other technology firms seemed hesitant to extend GDPR-compliant platforms to other countries, Apple said it would launch its revamped privacy portal in other regions this year.

Apple prides itself on its strict privacy and security policies, which are very different to those implemented by rivals like Facebook and Google.

Apple rolled out a privacy portal for United States users after launching it in the European Union in May. And while compliance with the GDPR doesn't offer protection in the event of a data breach, it does protect you when it comes to being able to see what data is being held by a company about you.

Users will soon get extra controls for granting developers access to user data stored in Google services. After tapping the icon, Apple provides a surprisingly detailed list of data it collects from that app.

The site also goes into how Apple protects your data, with the latest feature including encrypted FaceTime calls.

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