Surface Pro 6 Deals: Save $90 to $230 Instantly

Donna Miller
October 21, 2018

iFixit has the answer for you.

The Surface Pro 6 also comes under fire for not having removable storage, and iFixit concludes that, overall, the complex construction of the hybrid makes any fix work very fiddly compared to other tablets, and the device is "just as un-upgradable and un-repairable as ever". They then awarded both the devices a repairability score, which essentially indicates how easy it is to upgrade a device.

Most of us are well aware of the fact that Microsoft's Surface devices are very hard to fix.

Incidentally, the quad-cell battery is the same capacity as last year's model at 45Wh (we noted in our hands-on Surface Pro 6 review that the claimed battery life remains the same as its predecessor, at 13.5 hours).

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And things continue to get worse in iFixit's opinion: "Once upon a time, Surface Pro storage was removable-but not in this version".

As it turns out, it's nearly impossible to open the Surface Laptop without destroying something.

While iFixit was happy with the fact that all the screws used to hold the gadget together were of the standard Torx variety, the boffins weren't impressed with how getting access to the Surface Pro 6's innards required the display assembly to be removed, which is "stubbornly glued in place, expensive and prone to shattering". You have to take apart a ton of other, much bigger parts to even get access to the port.

A lack of improvement was also the theme for the Surface Laptop 2, which retained its predecessor's abysmal fix rating of 0 out of 10.

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