Teenager beats Tetris game older than he is to become world champion

Donna Miller
October 22, 2018

This teenager can absolutely blitz the classic puzzle game.

Tetris fans got their big eSports moment over the weekend, with the Classic Tetris World Championships at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Tetris on NES was released in 1989 and the game is nearly twice as old as it's current champion, 16-year-old Joseph Saelee from California.

The game on the table?

An interesting point to note is that Saelee utilises the hypertapping technique, which means he furiously taps the NES D-pad rather than holding it down.

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While Saelee is quite new to the competitive Tetris field, he reached level 31 in the game, hitting 311 lines, just weeks before the competition-an unbelievable feat that you can see below. Not all players use this, but the new king of Tetris, Saelee, does.

Saelee had to qualify for the competition and had a hard battle against Japanese grand master Koryan in the semi-finals.

It's seriously swift stuff from both players. After finally getting that long bar, the score changed and put Saelee above Neubauer with the hearts at the bottom of the screen showing that he'd just won his third game against the Tetris champion.

As you can probably expect, Joseph didn't simply turn up and defeat a seven-time world champion out of nowhere; he's been playing NES Tetris at a high level for some time now, and has shared several videos online of his accomplishments, too.

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