Windows 10 version 1809 plagued by another data loss issue

Donna Miller
October 22, 2018

Things don't look that good for Windows 10 version 1809, the October 2018 feature update for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. At first, it was the file deletion which caused a lot of inconvenience to Windows users, and later the driver issues.

The new bug appears to affect operations with archives.

This newly discovered bug involves file archives and how Windows handles the extraction process. Like any other file operation, Windows would ask the user's permission before overwriting a file in case conflicts between source and destination folders arise. If the file from a compressed archive is being moved, it would silently fail and won't even write the file, which, in effect, deletes the file from the archive and from all existence.

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Now, people have come across another Windows 1809 bug which appears to be another File Explorer issue.

After it had pulled the problematic update for deleting the files of a few users, some Insiders are reporting that the supposedly fixed version of the update is again riddled with frightening errors. The users did not reveal if they used the built-in zip functionality or a third-party application; it seems likely that the bug affects only Windows 10's built-in zip functionality and not third-party programs such as Bandizip, WinRar, or 7-Zip.

In other words, when you unzip files to a folder, if other copies of those files already exist in that folder, Windows 10 normally produces a prompt to ask whether those current files should be overwritten. Apparently this doesn't happen now, and the OS just goes ahead and overwrites those files automatically (without informing the user). So if you are facing the above issue, you can try out trial-versions for the time being.

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