NASA release 450000 gallons of water in one minute

Christopher Davidson
October 23, 2018

NASA released 450,000 gallons of water in just over a minute.

Who knew rocket launches might require so much water?

The test was carried out at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. "During launch, this water deluge system will release approximately 450,000 gallons of water across the mobile launcher and Flame Deflector".

NASA call it the "Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression water deluge system" and it shot the water 100 feet into the air.

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It's called the "Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression" (IOP/SS) water deluge system and it's created to combat the extreme heat and noise produced by a rocket launch.

In this case, the water spewed upward because the rest of the hardware isn't fully connected yet.

Specifically, Nasa is preparing for next year's maiden flight of the Space Launch System (SLS), a new rocket that will produce 8.4 million pounds of thrust.

The Space Launch System is basically a giant rocket NASA will use in a series of missions traveling to the moon and Mars. That's still a long way off, but getting into space takes time, especially when a new launch vehicle is part of the deal.

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