Samsung Announces New Version of Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Donna Miller
October 23, 2018

So, while it it probably isn't worth an upgrade for those who already own an original HMD Odyssey, it sounds like the Odyssey+ is certainly worth considering for those who are looking into Windows Mixed Reality for the first time. There is, however, a whole other segment of the virtual/augmented/mixed reality market out there and Microsoft is driving a lot of hardware manufacturers to expand it. Samsung has today announced the new and improved Odyssey+ mixed reality headset. Despite a high pixel density of 1,233 PPI on the dual 3.5-inch AMOLED displays inside the HMD Odyssey+, the proximity of the user to the displays means pixelation can be visible in various kinds of content. Samsung says that the headset, with the new technology, fights irritating fixed-pattern noise, creating a perceived PPI of 1,233 pixels per inch.

The fine lines that separate pixels are easier to spot when your eyes are in close proximity to a display, such as when using a mixed reality or VR headset. Even though the displays are the same, what you see should look quite a bit better thanks to Samsung's Anti-Screen Door Effect technology. Once you lose the feeling of actually being there, the whole illusion is compromised.

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Samsung's HMD Odyssey+ goes on sale today in the United States at the Microsoft store and on Samsung's website priced at $499.99. For those of you outside of the USA, the new Windows Mixed Reality headset will be available "soon" in other regions including Korea, China, Hong Kong and Brazil.

There's also built in headphones tuned by AKG, a built-in microphone that plays nice with Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana and it comes with controllers that support 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) motion control accuracy.

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