‘UFO crash landing’ in Utah: NASA breaks silence on 2004 spaceship wreckage

Christopher Davidson
November 7, 2018

Last Sunday, November 4, on the official website of the American national space Agency took a picture with the caption: "Flying saucer" from outer space crashed in the Utah desert after its spotted by radar and shot down a military helicopter.

The wreckage, which was left partially buried in the middle of the desert from its plunge to Earth, was a sample return capsule from the Genesis spaceship that launched in 2001.

The "flying saucer" actually belonged to NASA, not some alien species initiating its takeover of our planet.

As the return capsule was making its way back to Earth, its parachutes failed to open as planned, causing the unexpectedly hard landing, NASA said.

This "flying saucer" is the Genesis sample return spacecraft, which landed with a bang when its parachutes failed to open in 2004.

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Numerous samples were able to be analyzed despite the crash landing. This included unprecedented details about the composition of the Sun and the elemental differences between the star and the inner planets, as well as providing insights into the abundance of certain elements throughout our solar system. One of the missions of the device was the collection and delivery to Earth samples of the solar wind.

Full view of the Genesis Spacecraft within the faring of a Delta rocket used to launch it into outer space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on August 8, 2001.

Solar physics researchers are said to be relying on Genesis sample data to develop an understanding of how material is ejected from the sun.

Another three years later, a series of papers were published on the Genesis mission. A fragment created by people robot who has been near the Sun and returned to Earth.

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