BioWare Releases a Video for N7 Day, Giving Mass Effect Fans Hope

Donna Miller
November 8, 2018

Ever since Mass Effect: Andromeda failed to generate critical acclaim and sales, it seemed as though EA had placed the franchise on hold.

As part of today's N7 celebration for the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda is being updated to support the full 4K ultra HD capabilities on the Xbox One X console. It's unclear what this means, but it could point towards Mass Effect 4, and not a spin-off like Mass Effect: Andromeda. What does it mean??? BioWare has been putting its efforts into Anthem, its open-world sci-fi multiplayer game, which is set to release in February. So what better time is there to look at how the Mass Effect franchise can prosper and excel?

But BioWare shouldn't wait long for the next installment given all the possibilities the Mass Effect universe contains.

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The video asked fans and other BioWare employees about the meaning of "N7", and even got an answer from Casey Hudson, the general manager of BioWare.

Unsurprisingly, Mass Effect Andromeda also just got discounted on Xbox One. Would BioWare maintain the course set by the fourth game, which spins off from the original trilogy and takes place in a whole new galaxy, or would that game's rough reception lead to a whole new course? Will we see the return of Commander Shepard after he's been reconstructed again like the beginning of Mass Effect 2? In the meantime, fans might just have to watch BioWare communications for secret messages.

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