Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gets a Quieter Model With a Silent Launch

Donna Miller
November 8, 2018

The latest tweak to the PlayStation 4 Pro makes the powerhouse console nearly as quiet as Sony was about sneaking the new model into stores.

With the latest revision of the Pro-the CUH-7200 version-the minimum noise level has been reduced from the original console's 50 decibels to just 44 decibels.

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The latest PS4 Pro ships with the model number "CUH-7200", which the second revised PS4 Pro on the market. According to tests conducted by Digital Foundry, this new version brings noise levels down from 50dB/55dB to 44dB/48dB, with the trade off being slightly higher temperatures.

Beyond this, however, it is hard to spot any significant changes compared to the previous CUH-7100 device. The woman is a multicolored bundle of light particles and thanks to HDR, I can make out each particle and note the way they each cast their own vibrant glow on on the red brick wall. As noted by Slash Gear, there's already been one revision to the PS4 Pro's launch model, and both reportedly suffer from "jet engine" fan noise. Other than the power connector alterations with the figure-8 connector seen in the PlayStation 4 Slim and the Xbox One S, and the changes made to how the system runs audio-wise, the differences really do end there. If previous reports of noise issues have put you off of buying a PS4 Pro and enjoying 4K gaming, you can put those concerns to rest as Digital Foundry report little more than a constant hum during normal gameplay.

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