Fallout 76 reportedly trivial to hack, Bethesda says claims are "inaccurate"

Donna Miller
November 9, 2018

I'd not consider it such an issue if Fallout 76 were a purely cooperative game, but those hunting the deadliest game in PvP could be a problem if they can claim any underhanded competitive edge. The game is being developed using the same engine that runs Fallout 4, so it has a lot in common with the game that had players wandering around Boston, collecting junk and building settlements. Bethesda may have warned that there were "spectacular" bugs to be found, but few were expecting this laundry list collated on Reddit - client-side modding, unsecured connections and worse. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean the publisher and developer won't be attempting to rectify any problems that occur in the game. It appears to be just as easy to mod.

A number of fans have registered concerns that upcoming online survival RPG Fallout 76 can be easily hacked.

Not only could this make playing the game not much fun, it has some rather severe security implications.

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With terrain and collision being client side, teetharejustdone suggests that a simple edit to the.esm file would allow players to walk through nearly anything. For instance, the post mentioned the game lacks server checks to verify models and file integrity, and also has unencrypted client to client communication. It means that the game is ripe for man-in-the-middle type attacks, as well as other types of snooping and injection.

Subsequent to the post's appearance, Bethesda responded, claiming that numerous assertions made in the thread are "inaccurate or based on incorrect assumptions". Despite this, the company says it's "actively tracking and planning to roll out fixes" for some of the issues raised by the Reddit post, suggesting that there is some validity to the claim. Our goal is always to deliver a great experience for all our players. Cheating or hacking will not be tolerated.

Today, November 6, will see a new Fallout 76 beta session hosted by Bethesda, starting at 1pm EST.

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