Michelle Obama reveals miscarriage and IVF treatment in new book

Lewis Collier
November 10, 2018

She also reveals that she had both her daughters, Malia and Sasha, via in vitro fertilization.

The iconic couple have been together for almost three decades and have two daughters, Malia, 20, and Sasha, 17.

In her upcoming "deeply personal" memoir, Becoming, the former first lady discusses everything from her love for Barack to her past fertility struggles - but she also boldly shares her honest feelings about the country's current president. She writes that they met with a counselor "a handful of times", and she came to realize that she was more "in charge" of her happiness than she had realized.

The Washington Post reports that Barack was absent a lot during the process, and Michelle had to do a lot of it on her own, including self-administering the injections. "What if that person went looking for our girls?" the mother of two wrote in the book, according to ABC News. "Like so many couples, they put off having children at first for their careers, and thought it would be easy. and it wasn't".

"We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers", President Obama lectured the press.

'What I learned about myself is that my happiness was up to me, ' she said. 'So I started working out more and I started asking for help more. It's important for me to take care of myself.

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So clearly Michelle is getting real in her book!

Michelle Obama's memoir will be released on November 13th.

Dampening the hopes of Democrats that she'll run for President in 2020, Michelle writes that she just doesn't have the "passion for politics" that her husband had.

She writes: 'I was female, black and strong, which to certain people translated only to "angry". "It was another damaging cliché, one that's been forever used to sweep minority women to the perimeter of every room". Obama is launching a book tour to at the United Center on Tuesday to promote her memoir "Becoming", a tour featuring arenas and other performing centers to accommodate crowds likely far too big for any bookstore.

In Becoming, Obama condemns Trump for his sexist and misogynistic rhetoric and states that she would "never forgive" him for his role in popularizing and championing the birther movement, which claims that her husband, President Barack Obama, was not born in the United States, writing: "The whole [birther] thing was insane and mean-spirited, of course, its underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed".

In a searingly honest interview with Good Morning America, the advocate, public health campaigner and lawyer revealed that she and the former president have gone through marriage counselling in the past to help "talk out our differences".

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