Ebola outbreak worst in history of Democratic Republic of Congo

Desiree Burns
November 14, 2018

This is Congo's 10th outbreak since 1976, when the hemorrhagic fever was first identified in Yambuku, in the Equateur province, the ministry said.

Salama said the current Ebola outbreak is "arguably the most hard context that we've ever encountered", pointing to activities of two armed opposition groups in the region.

In addition to the deaths, there were more than 300 confirmed or probable cases.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is still suffering from cases of Ebola and Ugandan officials fear that a country plagued with frightened residents, armed conflicts and diseases will affect their nation too.

Recorded to be the deadliest ever in DRC, the minister of health in DRC, Ilunga Kalenga says that the figures now exceed that outbreak.

"Two of our colleagues in the Rapid Response Medical Unit have even lost their lives in an attack", Ilunga said.

Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, said the mere idea that officials are talking about Ebola becoming endemic "should be taken as a warning that, if the appropriate resources aren't brought to bear on the outbreak, it could spiral out of control".

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Ebola is spread via small amounts of bodily fluid and infection often proves fatal.

Health officials, however, have managed to vaccinate more than 27,000 high-risk contacts, of which at least half could have developed Ebola, the health minister said.

The World Health Organization has warned the virus could spread to nearby countries, including Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

"When there is an attack, the operation (vaccinations) actually freezes".

"And one is catching up on the backload".

"This epidemic remains unsafe and unpredictable, and we must not let our guard down", Kalenga said.

In October, acceleration of new confirmed cases was reported and unless the response is stepped up by medical teams, the outbreak will significantly worsen warned an emergency committee of World Health Organization experts.

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