Miley Cyrus is "Devastated" After Losing Her Home to California Wildfires

Blanche Robertson
November 14, 2018

At least 31 people were killed by the fires after officials discovered additional remains on Sunday.

At least 29 people have been killed, making it the deadliest blaze in the state's history.

November 8, in California a fire broke out which quickly spread due to strong winds and dry weather.

In addition, NASA's own Terra satellite captured an image of the Camp Fire's plume, in a wide shot including a view of the Hill and Woolsey fires in Southern California.

Thousands of firefighters entered a fifth day Monday digging battle lines to contain California's worst ever wildfire as the wind-whipped flames cleaved a merciless path through the state's northern hills, leaving death and devastation in their wake.

PG&E said a transmission line in the area of the Camp blaze - about 150 miles (240 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco - went offline 15 minutes before the fire was first reported.

Much of the city of Paradise was completely destroyed by the blaze, which has consumed more than 111,000 acres.

Firefighters battle blazes on two fronts in California, 50 dead
They haven't disclosed the total number still missing, but earlier in the week that figure was more than 200. That's in part because victims might have undergone dental X-rays but not personal DNA profiles.

State fire officials say about 57,000 structures remain at risk.

It had only been almost a year since the Thomas Fire was declared the largest wildfire recorded in California, but the fires burning in early November are already setting new records. "It wouldn't surprise me" if it turns out that winds caused equipment failure that sparked a fire, he said. The Woolsey Fire in Southern California has destroyed 85,000 acres.

At least two people have died in the Woolsey Fire, which is 32 kilometres (20 miles) long and 22 kilometres (14 miles) wide, threatening 57,000 structures, officials said.

"These are extreme conditions", Osby said. After a wildfire tore through the area in 2008, Paradise put together a detailed plan, hoping to make emergency evacuations swift and orderly. At last check, some of the thousands of people forced from their homes by the blaze were allowed to return. "This is the largest mobilization of Texas firefighting resources to another state to fight wildland fires", said Mark Stanford, fire chief and associate director at Texas A&M Forest Service.

"It all came down to luck and a whole lot of buckets of water", he told KTLA 5. He posted a photo of what his residence was like before the fire. "Your house can be rebuilt but you can't bring your life back". "And that's what hurts, those kinds of things hurt because you can't replace that".

Southern California Edison reported to the California Public Utilities Commission "out of an abundance of caution" that there was an outage on an electrical circuit near where the fire started Thursday.

Osby said he did not "want to politicize our efforts right now" when a reporter asked him about a Saturday tweet from President Donald Trump asserting there was no reason for California's massive, deadly and costly fires except for "gross mismanagement" of forests.

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