Valve working on a new VR headset, Half-Life VR prequel

Donna Miller
November 14, 2018

The images were first discovered in an imgur album by reddit user "2flock".

Sources tell UploadVR that Valve's headset will have a resolution matching the HTC Vive Pro, which has 1,440 x 1,600 pixels per eye, a 78 percent upgrade on the Vive. According to leaked images appearing on Imgur and shared by UploadVR, Valve has its own headsets in the works, apparently meant to be bundled with Valve's 'Knuckle' controllers and a Half-Life VR game.

We've reached out to Valve for comment.

Some photos of a prototype headset, sporting a Valve logo, have made their way onto the internet. The same source has also allegedly confirmed that the pictures are of an official prototype of an upcoming device. Vive's field of view is 110 degrees.

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The wild claims don't stop there, however.

The leaked Valve VR headset is equipped with front facing cameras, huge lenses and attached headphones NVR websites have been piecing together snippets of information and the attached headset are also expected to support haptic feedback. All of this sounds a bit too good to be true. With Valve's rumored move to develop their own VR headset, fans may now be wondering if Valve is planning to discontinue its partnership with HTC. The Steam Controller and Steam Link are both decent Valve devices. Building its own system would mark a shift in strategy, and signals that Valve may be about to get more serious about virtual reality. Oculus might have more to worry about than HTC. The set of new tools all speak to the standalone VR market, reducing the hardware cost that developers and businesses looking to use VR will incur in putting out their creations. But being packaged with the Knuckles VR controllers is not the only exciting thing that could come from a potential Valve VR headset bundle.

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