Google Pixel 3 may without notice shut off when charging

Donna Miller
November 15, 2018

Nearly every one of its devices has had some issue or the other reported from the users. The issues might not have been as serious as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but these do irk the users at large and can affect the sales number at some level.

Numerous users across Reddit, Pixel User Community forums and on social media have reported the issue, stating that the overheating problem is seemingly triggered when the phone is performing an action while charging. That's based on a tip received by Android Headlines, pointing to a recent addition to Google's Issue Tracker bug reporting tool as well as to at least one of the forums that the bug cropped up in previous year. The software issues are often not that much of a problem as it can most times be fixed via a software update that gets pushed out to the affected devices when a fix for the issue has been found. Hardware issues, on the other hand, require a full phone replacement which is why smartphone makers try as much as possible to avoid as it would lead to a huge loss.

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The latest overheating concern on the Pixel 3 series comes after users have complained about memory management issues with apps being force killed in the background, camera app not saving some photos, a bug that caused an extra notch to appear on the Pixel 3 XL's side as well as issues with audio. Some have used the Google Pixel Stand to charge by the wireless charging process, some have used the official supply charging cord and others have even tried the standard charger available in the market. Again, the degree to which the heating takes place varies. Now, this happens after the user is shown notifications that the phone is abnormally hot. However, now a new set of complaints have started hitting different online forums with some Google Pixel 3 owners posting videos on YouTube even. The only saving grace in the entire episode is that it is hard to determine how widespread this overheating issue is since the numbers of complaints received are not so highly significant. Google may wait till that kind of a situation is reached before it moves in and offers direct solutions.

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