Bigg Boss 12 Day 60: Bigg Boss Enraged At Contestant’s Behaviour

Lewis Collier
November 16, 2018

After the first round of captaincy task was canceled over the housemates not cooperating, Bigg Boss introduced another task. Both the contenders Shivashish and Romil Choudhary will pitch their channel and housemates will choose whose channel was most entertaining. As people come to console her, she walks away wishing to be alone.

Shilpa Shinde, victor of the last season, was part of the current season and spend a couple of days in the Bigg Boss house as part of Diwali celebrations during which she advised other housemates how to plan strategies and make a stronghold as far as entertainment was concerned. Every time the lights went dim, the contestants had to pick a coin and go to their choice of hitman and give them the contract to exterminate one housemate. Rohit throws water on Shivashish.

Jasleen Matharu is upset with Shivashish and breaks down so, Megha takes initiative to sort out the problems between Jasleen and Shiv. Later Dipika and Romil get into argument over the task and Sreesanth tries to clear his point but Dipika ignores him.

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Meanwhile, all is not well between Romil and Surbhi, who otherwise share a very cordial relationship in the house. Deepak, Rohit, Shrishty throw water on Romil. Rohit puts garbage on Shivashish. She explains to him that it's just a task. Later when Bigg Boss asks both Sreesanth and Romil for the more cash holder, Romil gets chosen as he has more money. She finally agrees to support him in one round. Sreesanth breaks down when Deepak and Dipika try to make him happy. In the first round, Surbhi goes as Shivashish's guest while Srishty joins as Romil's. Shrishty puts powder on Romil, while Megha puts garbage on him. Shilpa again showed her support when Karanvir's wife sent open letter to Bigg Boss by saying that Bigg Boss house is not a school where parents will fight for their children. Studios have been made for both and the task will be done in three rounds. Karanvir, who was the sanchalak of the task, was happily monitoring it. As contestants fight over the changing channel, the remote starts malfunctioning. She says she is supporting Shivashish. Bigg Boss ban use of liquid in task since no one is taking care of the mics. Apart from the Happy Club arguing constantly, Sreesanth was also seen disappointed by the lack of support from his friends in the house. He announces another task for the captaincy contenders.

Romil sits and clarifies with Megha that their antics are just fun, but he will stay away from this if it disturbs her. Megha explains to him that she is proud to be a victor and her ego is hurt when fun is made for her on those grounds. As Deepak keeps hand on the door and not allow the other contestants to get inside, Sreesanth gets angry and tells Deepak to move.

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