Actor David Arquette Loses Bloody Wrestling Match, Neck Slashed in Fight

Lewis Collier
November 18, 2018

David Arquette was bloody, mangled and almost tortured Friday night in a wrestling match. and there was NOTHING FAKE about it.

During the bout, where both wrestlers ended up using light tubes as makeshift weapons against each other, the antagonists slipped up, with Arquette apparently getting his neck sliced.

Actor turned part-time wrestler David Arquette, who was a former WCW heavyweight champion back in 2000, competed in a ferocious deathmatch last night against CZW star Nick Gage. Gage broke a light tube over Arquette's head.

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The actor then motioned that he was leaving. That caused Nick Gage to get into a mid-match shoot fight with DAVID ARQUETTE, and they eventually went home on, of all things, a snap mare.

Arquette didn't immediately respond to the TheWrap for comment and a status update.

Early Saturday morning, Arquette assured his fans he was fine. In 2010, he made his WWE debut on "Raw", teaming with Alex Riley.

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